Casino Poker for beginners

Players can be tripped up or baffled by the etiquette of rules, points and procedures of the casinos on their initial few visits. It is necessary to understand these rules and procedures in order to avoid being intimidated. Click here to know more. Understanding them also helps the players from losing their money by breaking any rule while playing the game.

Figuring Out What Games Are Available

After a player has taken trips to Las Vegas, Tunica, Atlantic City, Los Angeles or any other poker destinations available in the United States, he must select which poker room he wants to patronize. The first step after that is to know the games that are available. Poker rooms differ in how they want to communicate the game availability to the would-be players. Most of them have a big screen TV which lists the games and also the names of the people who are waiting to play.

The choices listed are known by one of these methods:

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The numbers cannot be predicted, if a player is looking for some way to always put the money on the correct one, he is doing it all wrong.

  • 2-4 LHE(Limit Hold’em)
  • 1-2 no LHE
  • 4-8 LHE
  • 2-5 no limits
  • 4-8 Omaha 8

Often one can see a number that is in parentheses after similar listings. It tells us about how many tables for a particular game are in play. If the listings have names under the heading of the games, it gives information about the players waiting to play.

What the Numbers Mean

The stakes of a game are usually communicated by the couple of numbers shown before the name of the game. However, the numbers might mean separate things for different games.

In Omaha and Hold’em, games with fixed-limits are identified by the size of the bets that the player make. A 4-8 LHE usually mean that the bets as well as raises are $4 each for the initial two gambling rounds of each hand and $8 on the river and turn. Stud games pursue the same practice — numbers represented in the name of the various games show the bet size allowed.

But the no-limit games are recorded differently. 1-2 no-limits does not mean the bets are $1 and $2. These games are typically identified by the size of the 2 blinds. In this instance, the big blind being $2 and the small blind $1.

Buying In and Taking a Seat

After deciding which games the player wants to play, he can approach the person greeting the participants at the entrance of the poker room. The player will either be given an opening or kept on the waiting list, or, if he is really lucky, escorted directly to an unoccupied seat in any active game.

Even if one has to wait, he must surely not ramble off to some place where he can’t hear his name being called out. Few poker rooms nowadays offer to text or call when it’s the player’s turn, in which case wandering around is not a problem.

Next, the cash needs to be converted into chips. The first set of hurdles is complete.

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