Mobile Gambling’s Impact on Online Casinos Grows

Affordable Devices Drive Innovation

Just a couple years ago, mobile gambling was more of a novelty than a gambling industry driving force. Now, mobile gambling is growing about twice as fast as online gambling and could become the preferred medium of online bettors.

This year, the world’s online casinos are expected to take in some $500 billion in wagers, with about $100 billion coming from mobile betting. Next year, mobile gambling could account for $165 billion of an about $550 billion global online getting market.

Eventually, gambling industry experts expect mobile devices will become the dominant choice of bettors who play online. Consumers can use smartphones and other mobile devices to play at online casinos for real money, while iPad slots can be played at and similar websites simply for the fun of it.

Online and land-based casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and elsewhere are rushing to develop more apps that bettors can use to lay legal wagers while visiting and when they live in locations that allow online and mobile betting.

Mobile apps in particular enable online casinos and land-based casinos to draw in more visitors. The cost of obtaining a smartphone is negligible, while service providers greatly have improved the technology supporting mobile wagering.

Smartphones are relatively cheap when compared to the cost of buying a laptop or desktop computer. Yet, for about the same price as a month of high-speed Internet service, bettors can have cellular service with unlimited data plans.

The ease of carrying a smartphone or other mobile device, combined with the low cost of obtaining them make mobile gambling a highly popular option for online gamblers. Even when betting on a smartphone, the bettor has the advantage of high-definition video and graphics, plus outstanding down quality.

They also can receive phone calls and text messages while gambling, and so they don’t miss any important phone calls. As mobile technology continues to improve and grow, online casinos surely will see larger portions of their annual revenues coming from mobile gambling.

Eventually, mobile gambling should overtake online gambling as the preferred medium of bettors. That could happen as soon as five years from now, as cellular services continue expanding around the globe.

By comparison, online gambling, which has grown by more than 10 percent annually over the past several years, is a relatively mature market with complete saturation in many areas. For that reason and many more, mobile gambling is set to become players’ top preference very soon.


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